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Individual offerings are available both in-person and on-line. We provide customized programs that include individual offerings, offsite training seminars, speaking engagements, and custom tailored packages. Any individual offering can be adjusted and new programs developed to accommodate specific areas of interest and preferences.

Group Work is specifically designed to create a platform for meaningful discussion of depth psychological principles. In addition, this forum affords ongoing opportunities to share lived-experiences so we can learn from and support one another. Meetings will include some theoretical orientation, practical and experiential components and time for sharing your own insights and professional experience. Our aim is to deepen understanding related to the lived-experience of therapeutic work in relationship to depth psychology so you can discover more about the profound impact this work can have on your own individual development


Group Processing to Mitigate Professional Burnout


2:00pm-3:30pm PT / 5:00pm-6:30pm ET 

Every month on the Last Sunday

Facilitator: Wendy Balconi

Co-Facilitator: Marc Adams

 Next session begins
September 25th


Understanding the Forces that Drive Thought, Behavior, and Emotions


11:00am-12:30am PT / 2:00pm-3:30pm ET 

Every month on the First Friday

Facilitator: Marc Adams

Co-Facilitator: Wendy Balconi

 Next session begins
September 2nd


Prior to each group meeting you will receive an email with some reference material on a specific depth psychological topic accompanied with some prompts in order to provoke self-reflection and thoughtful considerations in preparation for the monthly meeting. Meetings will consist of a brief 15-minute presentation to provide some theoretical grounding that corresponds to the depth psychological topic. In addition, meetings will provide opportunities to partake in experiential exercises, embodied practices and ample time will be given to share your own experience and professional expertise so we can learn and grow from one another.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your recurring payments anytime upon request. 

Please send email cancellation request to for processing.


Shouldering Archetypal Burdens

Group Processing to Mitigate Professional Burnout


The impact of clinical work has a profound effect on your development since it brings a full spectrum of unique gifts and difficult challenges. While your own psychological work, supervision and case consultation are valuable and important contributions, there is rarely ample opportunity for deeper exploration and processing with other clinicians and time for supporting one another to navigate this distinctive territory. Over the years we have come to more fully understand the importance and necessity of being with like-minded individuals and partaking in candid discussion that address the often yet key missing ingredient - the inner world that the therapeutic process invokes within you. 

Join us for meaningful conversations that place the focus on you and the deeper and more profound archetypal substrate that your work is founded upon. 


  • Depth Psychology and the Therapeutic Container

  • Uncovering the Gravitas of Clinical Work

  • Recognizing and Processing Somatic Responses

  • The Impact of Psychological Contamination 

  • Amelioration and Rejuvenation

The Inner Workings of the Human Being

Understanding the Forces that Drive Thought, Behavior, and Emotions



As clinicians, a large of part of your work is catered to assisting clients in identifying and reducing unhelpful patterns of thought, behavior, and emotions. However, the traditional tools available can sometimes feel routine and limiting. This group explores creative ways to not only bring insight to these unhelpful patterns, but also transform them. In these sessions you will take a deep dive into the inner mechanics of perception and the suggestive forces that control inner narratives and color reality. You will also learn the underlying mechanisms behind how suggestion works and the factors that drive them. Additionally, you will gain greater understanding and tools to assist releasing the powerful hold suggestions have over thought, behavior and emotions. The relationship between the power of suggestion and inner states of being will be discussed and creative methods to elevate inner moods and re-evaluate perceptions will be explored. 

Join us for meaningful conversations that focus on providing you with more powerful tools to facilitate change in the therapeutic setting.


  • Inner Workings of Suggestions

  • The Four Forces

  • Deeper Exploration of Inner States of Being

  • Creative Methods to Effect Change

  • Wielding the Power of Suggestion in the Clinical Setting: Experiential Exercise

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