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Why Incorporate Dream Work into your Clinical Practice?

Dreams offer a rich and more deeply personal method of exploration in the clinical setting. In this program participants will explore the value of dreams and the deeper meanings that this archetypal landscape is trying to convey. Participants will learn how to navigate dream material and work with the symbolic language of dreams. This course is recommended for any clinician who wishes to infuse more depth and creativity into their practice by incorporating dream work.

Coming Soon:  Online Dream Course (2024)


  • Learn how to incorporate dream work into your clinical practice

  • Gain a deep understanding of depth psychology

  • Complete at your own pace

  • Certification upon completion


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Dream Landscape
Tips and Tools

Module 1: Why Work with Dreams?  



  • The Unconscious Realm and Depth Psychology

  • A Jungian Map of the Psyche

  • The Inner Workings of Dreams

  • The Art of Dream Recall

Why Work with Dreams

Dreams provide a direct portal into the unconscious realm and offer a deeply intimate and unique view into the psyche. Because dreams convey important unconscious material they deepen the interaction in the clinical setting. Consequently, incorporating dream material provides greater insight into the inner workings of the patient and demonstrates a remarkable ability to guide the therapeutic process.

Module 2: The Inner Landscape of Dreams  


The Inner Landscape of Dreams

General traits and characteristics of dreams will be discussed to provide a framework to begin working with dream material. Distinctions will be made between types of dreams, differing perspectives of the observer and specific qualities of dream characters. Participants will also learn how to identify significant and meaningful aspects of the dream landscape. Particular focus will be placed upon exploring symbolic material which is a key component to uncovering and decoding the hidden intelligence in dreams.


  • Dream Setting: Snapshot of Psyche's Movement

  • Perspective of Dream Ego

  • Symbolic Material and the Importance of Personal Associations

  • Uncovering and Decoding Hidden Intelligence in Dreams

Module 3: Tips and Tools for Working with Dreams  


Tips and Tools for Working with Dreams

While the art of listening and questioning is a primary skill for any form of generative interaction in the clinical setting, this is particularly true when working with dream material. The clinician is the tool or instrument that guides the process of revealing deeply personal information, historical references and narratives contained within the dream. In this module, focus will be placed on further developing and more finely attuning these exploratory skills with dream work.


  • Digging Beneath the Surface

  • Revealing and Connecting Clinical Material within the Dream

  • Identification of Affect-Laden Material and Complexes

  • Psychoeducation and the Dream

Module 4: Experiential Application of Dream Material  


Experiential Application of Dream Material

This module will provide the opportunity for participants to practice the art of dream inquiry. Multiple case examples will inform the interactive and reflective process of working with dreams. Through a dyadic interplay, participants will gain a lived-experience of the back and forth discovery process involved in dream work. Participants will have the opportunity to share clinical insights and partake in broader discussion to generate a rich learning environment with multiple perspectives.


  • Dream Vignettes and Case Examples

  • Practical Application of Dream Inquiry

  • Dyadic Interplay for a Lived-Experience

  • Group Processing: Consideration of Multiple Perspectives

Module 5: Deepening the Art of Dream Inquiry


  • Know Thyself: An Ethical Responsibility

  • Deepening the Work through Connection with the Collective Unconscious

  • Discussion of Resources to Enrich Dream Inquiry

  • Further Guidance and Next Steps

Deepening the Art of Dream Inquiry

The concept of 'Know Thyself' will be explored and guidance for building a repertoire of resources to deepen the art of dream inquiry will be provided. This module will incorporate fairytales, myths, legends, spiritual traditions, and cultural references that are rich fertile ground for deeper exploration. Connections to the collective unconscious will also be made in order to provide a multiplicity of meaning in dream work and generate greater diversity for amplification purposes.

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